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October 29 2013 3 29 /10 /October /2013 18:00

http://www.wireless-earth.de/private/Models/images/StarTrek_NCC1701D_Enterprise.jpgIt's 1 year and 1 month ago that Star Trek - The next Generation" (shortly TNG) was on air in the United States the first time. That's why last year in my tribute to 25 years "Star Trek - The next Generation" I have introduced the idea of TV-movies, which I now will specify.

Eight years after the last Star Trek TV series end it would be high time for a comeback on the television screen.


In the last years there have been several ideas and initiatives for a new Star Trek series, especially by former Trek-actors like Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker) or Tim Russ (Lieutenant Commander Tuvok).

All of these concepts design new and quite interesting series just after the TNG-DS9-VOY Star-Trek main-time-line.


http://www.wireless-earth.de/private/Models/images/StarTrek_Deep_Space_9.jpgI however think poorly of making a regular television series with around 2 dozen episodes per year in the near future.

In all previous Star Trek series still there have been numerous poor episodes, because too few good ideas were present, to deliver high-quality for 25 episodes every year.


In order to preserve the "myth of Star Trek" and to create something special, it would seem the thing to do making 2-3 two-part TV movies every year. All the movies take place at the end of the 24th century. After the Voyager has come back in 2378 and 12 years have passed since then, we have the year 2390 today.

An apt title were "Star Trek: The new Explorations".


The potential of this conception is enormous:

http://www.wireless-earth.de/private/Models/images/StarTrek_NCC74656_Voyager.jpgAccording to the macro-environment the war against the Dominion, that ended some 15 years ago, has been the greatest threat and burden for the entire Alpha quadrant. Despite it's victory especially the Federation is badly affected. One could imagine that the losses in human lives and material resources, but above all the interplanetary Federations existential threat, has led to a rethink, so that the Federation is acting more military, to prevent the same thing in future.

Because the Dominion as well as the Borg still could pose a massive threat again.


Also how the Klingons, under Martok and Worf, the Romulans after the alliance with the Klingons AND the Federation as well as the Ferengi after the departure from old capitalism have developed, would be very exciting to see. Not to speak of the prostrated Cardassians after their total defeat in the Dominion War (with a possible leader Garak).


http://www.wireless-earth.de/private/Models/images/StarTrek_NX01_Enterprise.jpgGenerally, in principle, all characters from Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager could play a part in the "New Explorations" concept. I certainly would revel here not only in nostalgia, but would join in every TV-movie at least 2 former Star Trek main characters with existing side characters and with completely new characters.

Even the return of the Enterprise characters around Captain Archer were possible within the framework of a flashback episode.


The new movie-franchise definitively has been established this year with "Star Trek Into Darkness". In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it already worked really well, that in cinema and TV 2 different Star Trek generations co-exist side by side.

Smart entertainment in fictional space scenarios is something that's not only missed by many Star Trek fans but also by many television viewers in general.

So what except the incomprehensible stubbornness of the Paramount executives speaks against a new Star Trek project in television?


P.S.: Big thanks to Jörg Roth for the here used images of his models.

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