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August 5 2017 7 05 /08 /August /2017 10:38
The main-stand with the video-wall at the Beachvolleyball World-Championship 2017 in Vienna was well frequented

In Vienna at the Donauinsel (Danube-Island) from 28th of July to 6th of August (so this week) the beachvolleyball world-championship takes place. So in the true sense of the word a major-event takes place in my backyard – I live only a 10 minutes walk away from the location on Donauinsel. And that's why it was absolutely clear to me, that I'm gonna pay a visit there and to experience one or another game live.


But of course I also have other things to do than watching volleyball. And of course this week temperatures were really very high, something that's not promotive for visiting an open-air event. On Wednesday however I made it to the championship.
And I have to say: I very much enjoyed it.


I came there shortly before noon and I watched altogether 4 games:

  • 2 men- and 2 women-matches
  • 2 matches on the centre-court and 2 matches on the side-courts
  • and thank god at least 1 match with „Austrian contribution“


1st match was Kunert-Dressler (Austria) against Williams-Philip (Trinidad & Tobago).
A plain sailing for the Austrians, who made it into the tournaments knockout-stage with this.
For die Caribbeans it was the 1st world-championship and in line with this they had to pay apprentice's due.
Was nevertheless quite a good match with appealing rallies, especially by the Austrians, but also frequently by the Trinidad guys.


The 2nd match was the best one I watched live.
With the US-Americans Brunner-Patterson and the Brazilians Pedro-Guto 2 great duos battled in the arena.
Finally after a close 3-set match the Brazilians won, who secured the first place in their preliminary group with this.
More important to me was, that both played many great rallies and showed many attractive strikes.
A pleasure to watch and absolutely championship-worthy!


Subsequently to this match I moved from the centre-court to the side-courts.
The atmosphere on both courts really was very different:
While on centre-court everything was designed for a big show, on the side-courts everything revolves about the sport itself.
Video-wall vs. simple number-board, Entertainer vs. court-announcer sporadically telling the results. And of course on the side-courts to matches simultaneously side by side.


There I watched – as just mentioned  simultaneously – the matches  Antonelli-Carol from Brazil vs. Bawden-Clancy from Australia, as well as Davidova-Shchypkova from Ukraine against Maia-Lima from Brazil.


Also the women-matches were close, thus captivating and also the level of their game was high to very high.

And the crowd at the women-matches on the side-courts were even more passionate and cheered their teams enthusiastically. This truly was pure sports – and this is something in my favour!
Finally in both matches the Brazilian duos prevailed in 3 close sets.


In case I created enough suspense at my readers with this blog-entry and were able to whet appetite for more, I keep you informed about the tournaments progress with a little update on Sunday of Monday.



A strong event this Beachvolleyball world-championship, that I really liked.
The events setting was felicitous and the performance-level absolutely championship-worthy.
This years championships take place until tomorrow Sunday (so from today just less than 2 days). And now we are in the tournaments crunch-mode, when the decision about the medallists takes place.

So when you have some leisure-time left, then make a visit at the Donauinsel. The event is even for free. Only in case you have claustrophobia you should attend it – but then anyway you should avoid every big event ;-)


Update 10th of August 2017:

I have promised to deliver the event's results and so I do:


At the Ladies the Germans Ludwig-Walkenhorst won Gold against US-Americans Ross-Fendrick. In the Bronze-match Brazilians Larissa-Talita prevailed against Canadians Pavan-Humana-Paredes.

From the Ladies-duos I watched only Antonelli-Carol with a 5th place finished close to the medals.



At the men from an Austrian point of view it was a fantastic-result:

Our top-duo Doppler-Horst made it into the final and there in 2 very close sets was defeated by the new world-champions Evandro-Andre. That means Gold for Brazil and Silver for Austria.
Bronze-medal was conquered by Russians Krasilnikov-Liamin against Dutch Varenhorst-Van Garderen.

At the men-event none of the duos I watched at my visits made it into the event's "hot phase".



Furthermore I have also added a little image-gallery of my visit at the Beachvolleyball world-championships, just a 10 minutes walk away from my current home.


The main-stand on the centre-court of the Beachvolleyball world-championship 2017

The Austrians Thomas Kunert und Christoph Dressler ...

... clearly beat Caribbeans Daneil Williams and Marlon Phillip


In the best match at my visit ...

... when Brazilians Pedro-Guto played against US-Americans Patterson-Brunner ...

... and the Brazilians prevailed in 3 narrow sets


Beach-Girls must not be missing at a big Beachvolleyball event

The Ladies however also showed us strong performances on the courts, just like ...

... die Ukrainerinnen Davidova-Shchypkova und die Brasilianerinnen Maia-Lima.


In the 2nd Ladies-match at my visit ...

... Brazilians Antonelli-Carol played against Australians Bawden-Clancy.

In both Ladies-matches the Brasil-Duos prevailed in 3 narrow sets

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December 28 2013 7 28 /12 /December /2013 18:35

Again like every year before Christmas the 2 last competitions before the four hills tournament went over the stage in the swiss city Engelberg.

And also 2013 Engelberg was an important indicator for the athlete's performance and subsequently also for determining the favourites for the upcoming tour.


In contrast to the past few years my assessment not really differs from the mainstream.


Absolute top-favourite this year of course is the Pole Kamil Stoch. That he can win in big events, he has proven this year with his world-champion title. And superior consistency - recently with the positions 2, 1, 2, and 1 in the last 4 competitions already has given him the lead in the overall World Cup.


Other favourites are the Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer and the Norwegian Anders Bardal.

Schlierenzauer not only has won the four-hills-tournament in the last 2 years, but already 2 World Cup competitions this season. What he is lacking this year so far is consistency.

With Bardal in turn, things are just the other way round: He at least is as constant as Kamil Stoch, however he hasn't yet won this year.

Co-favourites and outsiders

The four hills tournament is often good for a surprise, it regularly happens, that athletes win, who not even experts bargained for victory.


Personally I give credit to Swiss Simon Ammann. He runs after a tour victory already for his whole career. This year, he hasn't won so far and also isn't too constant. But he was already 2 times on the podium. And if he can retrieve his top-form right now, then he is a very hot stock. 


Though it will become difficult with the overall-victory, the Austrian Wolfgang Loitzl, tournament winner 2008/2009, can make it on the tournament-podium for the 3rd time.

His form curve based from a solid level shows upwards and he is constant too.


Also candidates for a podium finish in the tour's overall-ranking are the 2 Germans Severin Freund and Andreas Wellinger. Both are in good shape, that often jump well and rarely badly.

That also applies to the Japanese Taku Takeuchi, whose potential, due to the Japanese teams absence in Engelberg, is specially difficult to estimate.


But most difficult to estimate is the performance of Thomas Morgenstern. He was in very good shape, has even won a World Cup competition - before he crashed. Anyways victory will be really difficult for him this time, but maybe he can surprise us at this four-hills.

Final words

One guy that won even 5 times and this year is again present at the tour after 2 years break - I am conviced - is not going to win: Janne Ahonen.

Nevertheless, he is an asset to the tour.


I'm doing my assessment even before qualification (in Oberstdorf) - making it more difficult and more exciting :-)

The four-hills-tournament has always been exciting and will also be this year!


(Blog entry translated from my original in German language)

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December 18 2012 3 18 /12 /December /2012 21:10

Again in Engelberg 2 exciting World-Cup ski-jumpings have been accomplished last weekend. Engelberg traditionally is the last ski-jumping before Christmas as well as the last World-Cup competition before the four-hills-tournament.



This year’s 2 Engelberg-winners are Andreas Kofler and Gregor Schlierenzauer. In addition to their victories with a 2nd and a 3rd place each of these two Austrian athletes has achieved another podium-place in Switzerland.

The other podium-positions have been conquered by the Pole Kamil Stoch on Saturday as 2nd and by the German Andreas Wellinger on Sunday also as 2nd (ex-aequo with Andreas Kofler).


In general mainly the German and Austrian jumpers had been able to convince in Engelberg, but also the Poles. The Slovenians had been able to achieve several top 10 and top 20 places.

The result for the Norwegians is mixed: Currently with Anders Bardal they only have 1 top-10-jumper.

Also for the Russians the weekend was modest, Saturday as well as Sunday only 2 of their squad made it into the final-round.

For everyone else the competition in Switzerland was really disappointing: Czechs, Japanese, French and especially Finns and Simon Ammann not only have finished below their own expectations but as well below their usual capacity.


vierschanzen-tournee.pngOf course also for the four hills tournament 2012/2013 there are several favourites and promising underdogs again. BUT: Even if it sounds like a hackneyed phrase, so it has proved very often true, that the tournament has its own laws and holds surprises.


On paper the 2 top-favourites clearly are Andreas Kofler and Gregor Schlierenzauer. Both have been very convincing in the last competitions, especially in Engelberg. And: Both already have won the four-hills competition.


Another joint-favourite is the German Severin Freund, who so far this season is consistent strong. Also the 2 Austrians Thomas Morgenstern and Wolfgang Loitzl, who so far also have been jumping very solid and also still have won the tour, belong to this category. 


Promising underdogs for the tours overall-victory to me are the very constant Norwegian Anders Bardal – though he has not reached his top-form so far – and the Pole Kamil Stoch, whose form-curve is strongly pointing upwards. And if the young German Andreas Wellinger is able to keep his current form and to keep cool further I do estimate him as member of this category too.


Michael Neumayer, Simon Ammann and the young Slovenes Peter Prevc and Jaka Hvala I don’t give any realistic chances for the overall-victory but at least for a place on the tournament podium.

Closing remarks

As you can understand from the previous World-Cup results and also from my preview the 61st four-hills-tournament will bring a resurgence of the duel Germany against Austria - and thus of the tour’s host-countries. As result of this the tension, the number of spectators at the hills and the television-ratings for sure will do very well!

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