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November 10 2012 7 10 /11 /November /2012 21:30

Obama against Romney - this has not been a choice but pure show. And the big winners of the United States presidential-election have had been certain long before election day: Goldman Sachs and the high-finance. 



Graphically it can’t be expressed any better than by Ben Garrison’s cartoon.


The so-called "third party candidates", the candidates who are neither Republicans nor Democrats, remain largely sidelined in the mass-medias coverage.


But it’s exactly them who introduce essential content into the election campaign and above that who are making politics in the sense of the people.


According to Wikipedia at total 417 persons have sought for the candidacy in the presidential election, most of them in vain.


Following 5 third-party presidential candidates have managed the candidacy in several States:


  • Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party
  • Jill Stone - Green Party
  • Virgil Good - Constitution Party
  • Rocky Anderson - Justice Party
  • Roseanne Barr (the well known actress) - Peace and Freedom Party

They have claimed for civil-rights, which have been trampled under foot by all Republican and Democratic Presidents in the last 30 years.

They have criticized the aggressive U.S. foreign policy, for example the support of jihadists in Syria.

And they have brought many more points into the debate, such as advocating for renewable energy or for a fair election-system.


It also has to be mentioned that even inside Republicans and Democrats there are capable people that have not achieved candidacy within their parties, for example Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich.

What in the United States - as well as in Austria and other countries – is needed most urgently is to change the election-system.

Not only this system in the US is completely antiquated, going back to the 18th century. You can spend almost unlimited money for the election campaign via back doors. That heavily favours the 2 major-parties establishment-candidates and marginalizes all other candidates already before starting.


But at any crisis there is also a chance.

And as one economic-crisis’ consequence things could come on the move, when either the election system will be changed or upright candidates – at least in Congress – will be elected more often even within the existing system.

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