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February 26 2012 1 26 /02 /February /2012 20:21

In „AMD stagnating“ I have made a critical analysis of AMDs status quo in early 2012.

Today I want to show ways how AMD can get out of this mess. Especially I'm going to focus on AMDs processor-division, their graphics-division is already well on the way.


At the entry-range with the C-and E-series APUs AMD is on track. Indeed the introduction of their 2nd generation APUs in 28nm manufacturing-process was canceled in early 2012 due to technical problems. Nevertheless the current generation is still fully competitive with Intel’s Atom processors and is selling well.


The A-series medium-range APUs not only have got mostly positive reviews by the specialists press but are also very popular among buyers. Given to AMDs production-troubles too popular.


Even the FX processors are well received by the AMD fans. Their sales numbers are solid – though they are performing pretty mediocre.

Their architecture is completely new and still yet fully designed for Windows 8, which probably will be published in autumn 2012. However it will take until 2013, when the upcoming Windows will be significantly spread.
Up to then, it is necessary bridging 1 year.


And this bridge AMD can build with 2 products:

1.      A further evolution of the Llano APUs

2.      The introduction of Phenom III processors, based on Llano


Under Windows 7 the A-Series APUs and the old Phenom II processors are still delivering appropriate performance. So what’s more obvious than furthermore expediting this decisive bridge-technology in 2012?

To put it simply the Llanos are Phenom II processors shrinked from 45nm to 32nm, that have an integrated graphical processor instead a L3-cache.


At the Llanos, troubles in the manufacturing-process have occurred. That’s why their yield-rate is low and up to now AMD has not been able to significantly improve it.
The main reason is believed to be that there are problems integrating the graphics-unit in the processor (http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2011/8/30/amd-bulldozer-yields-are-fine2c-fusion-llano-apus-are-not-gpu-is-the-issue.aspx).


Nevertheless, a slight increase in terms of clock-speed together with the introduction of a turbo-mode to the 100-watt class Llano models such as the A6-3670 and the A8-3870K must be possible.

As the new flagship, AMD should introduce an A8-3950K with at least 3.1, better 3.2 GHz base-clock and a 300 MHz higher turbo mode (i.e. 3.4 to 3.5 GHz)..
Such a processor would be almost on the same level like the fastest four-core Phenom II CPUs that have expired in 2011. In addition they would also offer a powerful graphics-unit.


And especially for gamers a Phenom III is indispensable for AMD.

The Phenom III basically were a Llano, but instead the integrated graphics unit 8 MB of L3 cache would be fitted on the processor.
In late 2011, numerous benchmark-tests have proven that still now AMDs fastest processors for gamers often is the Phenom II with 4 cores.
The quickest 4-core-processor, the Phenom II X4 980 has beaten the FX-8150 with 8 cores as well as the Phenom II X6 1100 with 6-cores in around 50 % of all gaming-tests.


The Phenom II X4 980 offers 4 processor-cores at a clock frequency of 3.7 GHz.
A Phenom X4 1000 III with 4 cores and a clock frequency of 4.0 GHz and maybe a Phenom III X4 975 with 3.6 GHz would be the perfect complement to AMDs product-lineup.
In nearly all games the Phenom X4 III would crown itself to AMDs fastest current CPU and would also be able keeping up with Intel's Sandy-Bridge CPUs well.


For multi-threaded applications, e.g. data-compression or video-editing, the FX processors already are strong on the road.


However I am afraid, that AMD is not going to seize the idea of a Phenom III. The course is still set for further FX-models.

But for a third evolution-step of Llano, I am at least a little bit optimistic. This step would be very important for AMD for coming well through the year 2012.


By all means AMD is in dire need for sales hits.

Finally I furthermore want to use computers with processors from the likeable Californians.

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