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January 17 2014 6 17 /01 /January /2014 21:35

AMD-FX-Logo-Vector.jpgAs written in my last blog entry, so it is fixed that AMD towards spring 2014 revises its Opteron server-processors.

However it is unclear so far whether also an update for the FX desktop-CPUs will be left over.


For me and probably for all loyal AMD fans however is clear that there must come one.

  • Intel has launched its new HASWELL processors on the market already in mid-2013, AMD's counterattack is pending; additionally Intel wants to present it's next generation of CPUs, codenamed "Broadwell", in autumn 2014.
  • From all we know about the revised Piledriver-2.0 cores, already used in the Richland-APUs, they can significantly improve the Performance-per-Watt - which is absolutely worth to be improved for the current FX-CPUs
  • The AMD fans really are lusting for new products;
    AMD has - despite significant deficiencies in energy efficiency and computing-performance - a loyal fanbase, that seeks for new products and deserves them
  • For marketing reasons, it is highly useful to revise the FX-product-range:
    Higher processing-power or energy-efficiency and thus more competitiveness compared to Intel, with this lots of media-coverage and thus public attention would be sure for AMD

The Vishera-2.0 lineup could look like this:

  • FX-4400: 2 modules, TDP 95 Watt, clock 4,0 / 4,1 / 4,2 GHz
  • FX-6400: 3 modules, TDP 95 Watts, clock 3.8 / 3.9 / 4.0 / 4.2 GHz
  • FX-8420: 4 modules, TDP 95 Watts, clock 3.5 / 3.7 / 3.9 / 4.1 GHz
  • FX-8450: 4 modules, TDP 110 watts, clock 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 GHz

3 (instead of 2 so far) turbo-levels, analogous to the Richland APUs, are also likely for the Vishera 2.0 FX-CPUs.


In any case AMD should focus on energy efficiency, Intel already has done so and other, upcoming AMD processors will pay high attention to the efficiency as well.


For AMD 2014 it's also not just about to introduce an evolution-level of FX-processors for factual reasons but also to keep it's own word regarding the implementation of it's fixed-route.

Finally AMD in 2012 has prepared the plan, introducing a revision of the FX-series *) into the market in 2013.



*) "Vishera” will also carry over into 2013 but with some enhancements over the 2012 version.

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