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April 19 2013 6 19 /04 /April /2013 20:30

Not only high time for a new blog-entry but also for my first originally in English written entry ever!


Around 1 ½ weeks ago I was surfing Youtube for some music-video-clips. I don’t know what clip I have been searching for, but I for sure know one of the recommended Youtube-videos on the right-hand bar with the title:

Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience”.


Though never watched, as not broadcasted here in Austria, I have known “Britain’s got talent” and Simon Cowell. Also German-language TV-stations have reported about his rude habits towards the candidates.


Since the 1st season of “Big Brother” in 2000 I really do disklike all kinds of “reality-TV”. And to me also “casting-shows” belong to reality TV.


However I watched the video and it blew me away! 2 British teenagers, the heavily overweighted Jonathan and his friend Charlotte, performed a modern-classic-style song – and they did this in an absolutely incredible way.

Especially Jonathans voice is outstanding, I still consider him one of the world’s Top-5 tenors. Both sang the audience into a state of ecstasy – the full house gave them standing ovations.


Honestly Charlotte’s 1st performance was not fully convincing and Simon Cowell – grumpy as ever – had advised Jonathan to dump her. Jonathan refused.

From the 2nd performance in the semi-finals on also Charlotte was absolutely magnificent! And the fact, that Simon has praised Jonathan that standing by Charlotte was the best decision he had ever made, massively has increased the duo’s popularity.


So you can see that after the first video I have watched more – many more. The young singers and the story behind were very captivating to me and still are.

Jonathan and Charlotte not only are great singer and also not only good and loyal friends to each other. In all of their statements and actions they seem to be very likeable and down-to-earth people – which I very much appreciate.


A big pity for me:

The young Brtains have been performing in my hometown Vienna (Austria) last week – but I was not invited to the event and therefore was not able to experience them live.

So I’m gonna buy their CD and for the moment have to be satisfied with listening to it.


It’s fantastic getting the opportunity to make your passion to your profession. And hopefully also when successful they keep the same sympathetic persons I estimate them now.

However I wish them all the best from heart and soul!


To make an impression of your own about Jonathan and Charlotte I recommend my personal favourite song “Caruso”.




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