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April 15 2017 7 15 /04 /April /2017 20:05

An open letter to the President of the United States, Donald Trump:


Dear Mr. President Trump!


Early in the morning at 7th of April, you as President ordered to attack an airbase of the Syrian army with cruise-missiles type "Tomahawk".


Much is uncertain. But it is for certain that you wanted to send a signal. And it's certain, that you play with global-peace and risk a World-War-III.


The official reason for your attack-command was a serious poison-gas incident in the Syrian city of Chan Scheichun, in which dozens of people have been killed and hundreds have been injured. However to whom the gas belonged to and who used it, that was completely unclear 1 week ago and is still unclear today!

And that's exactly why this terrible incident has to be clarified as objectively as possible, the OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons) is best placed to do this in my eyes.


I can understand, that you have been profoundly touched by the pictures of the killed and injured people.

I can also understand that you are under tremendous pressure from the Neo-Cons and the military-industrial complex, which in principle always want the United States wage war.

And the domestic political pressure on you by protagonists such as John McCain or Lindsey Graham is very high.


Nevertheless your games with global-peace are totally out of question - whether they take place in Syria, North-Korea or elsewhere! And this not only for factual reasons – that a 3rd World-War you are currently risking were disastrous should be clear to every human being, which is capable of reasonable thinking. No, you prior to your presidential candidacy, during your presidential candidacy and also at the beginning of your presidency, countless times emphasised, that you are against military solutions and for deals, especially for reaching a deal with Russia.


That there will also be downsides in your Presidency, always was clear to me. One for me most is your contempt and criminalization of "Whistleblowers" such as Edward Snowden, a person which I personally consider a freedom-fighter and hero.

But I valued your victory over Hillary Clinton for 1 pivotal reason as positive: Because you wanted to advocate for peaceful solutions and dialogue with Russia.


Michael Lüders, at least in the German-speaking countries an outstanding Middle-East-Expert, excellently brings the situation in Syria on the point, especially the fact that:

  1. Currently it's still completely unclear who in Syria is responsible for the use of poison-gas on 04th April 2017 – and that it can only be unclear, since no investigation has taken place so far.
  2. We already know this situation from 2013, that Assad was held responsible for a poison-gas attack, for which with a probability bordering on certainty other forces were responsible – which was why Barack Obama had called off an attack on Syria.



And not enough with the actions in Syria:

After the dropping of the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan and the deployment of Troops ahead of North-Korea many people, also me, hear the alarm-bells ringing, because they fear a World-War.


Therefore, I appeal to you:

Remember your plans and promises from your election-campaign, return to the path of peace. Join forces with politicians (in the U.S., especially Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard), the media and, of course, with citizens of our mother-earth who also want to maintain peace.


Right now, just before Easter, the highest feast Christianity, you as Christian should do really everything, that we not only respect peace at Easter, but in addition to make our world a peaceful and better place - we only have this one!


With best regards from Austria,

Ulrich Lintl

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