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January 13 2017 6 13 /01 /January /2017 02:35

Donald Trump won really interesting and polaring US-presidental-elections 2016The US presidential-election 2016 is now several weeks ago, but just because of the disemotionalisation related to this fact a a sober look at it's result now is possible.

And – though resulted by the fact, that I didn't have time, created my articles English version – the publication at this date very well fit's to the whole inauguration-process of Donald Trump, which will be finalized in exactly 1 week with the official ceremony.


My and Dirk Müllers short-review just in advance:

I don't know whether Donald Trump's policy will be good, but in any case he is very much more in our favour than Hillary Clinton, due to the sole reason of her brutal global-politics.

As Donald Trump has repeatedly announced, the fight against ISIS is on top of his agenda and a changeover of power in Syria is no priority for him. In addition he wants to reach out to Vladmir Putin and find peaceful cooperation with Russia.

Thus, there is hope for a more peaceful world.


Hillary Clinton in these elections – completely in contrast to the euphemistic image that mainstream-media painted – was THE establishment-candidate. She is a main architect of the bloody wars in Libya and Syria and through her plan to shoot down Russian airplanes in Syria she had risked a direct war mit Russia there – which could have escalated to Word-War-3.

Short-summary Republicans & Demokrats election-campaigns

  • In contrast to previous elections, where with Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul 2 establishment-distant candidates dropped out pretty early in the primaries, in 2016 Bernie Sanders was in contention for nomination almost until the primarie's last round and Donald Trump even won and made the nomination as candidate at for the Republicans.

  • The pre-election campaign at the Republicans was eminently dirty.
    Finally Donald Trump clearly prevailed after a variety of personal below-the-beltline attacks between the party-internal rivals.

  • The situation at the Democrats for certain was not less dirty, but indeed different:
    Nomination for the presidential-race very quickly was a duel between favourite Hillary Clinton and underdog Bernie Sanders.
    And after a clear lead of Clinton at the beginning of the primaries, self-proclaimed Socialist Sanders always came closer to her in terms of convention-delegates and – only after several very dirty maneuvers from Hillary Clinton's environment and from the Democrats party-establishment – dropped out of the race.

  • Disembarking Bernie Sander later was one main-reason for Donald Trumps victory and Hillary Clintons defeat.
    Because Sanders supporters only partially voted for Clinton. Others however gave their vote Donald Trump, or voted for Jill Stein or, particularly like Susan Sarandon, even actively supported the Green-party's nominee.
    And other others stayed away from the election.

  • Not nominating Bernie Sanders in a twofold respect counter-productive.
    Not only that the party alienated so many of Sanders supporters, the Senator from Vermont generally would have had a good chance to win against Donald Trump in a general election.

Third-Parties, Independents and alternative-media

  • In contrast to the picture drawn by Establishment-media not only 2, but 31 (!) candidates, 29 of them candidates of the so-called "Third Parties" and independents ran for US-presidency.
    In case you shouldn't know: "Third Parties" are parties apart from the Republicans & Democrats. And through the highly unfair majority-election-system and through the media-landscape in the United States dominated by corporate media-juggernatus so far they unfortunately play only a minor-role.

  • Out of the mass of these alternative-candidates Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein definitely protrude.
    Candidates like Republican Evan McMullin and Darrell Castle of the "Constitution Party" have also played nationwide a certain role. Further candidates were however – no matter of their level of expertise and their concepts – only had some impact in certain Federal-States.

  • All of these candidates have in common that they have had almost no access to mainstream-media and it accordingly was extremely difficult for them to achieve the level of attention necessary for success.
    In 2016 things could have been totally different with a fair coverage of ALL candidates running in this elections: Because with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the 2 so far most unpopular major-party-candidates ever ran for presidency.

  • Of course Donald Trump was the main-profiteer of alternative-media coverage, this was 1 reason for his electoral victory.
    But for the 2nd part also the third-party and independent-candidates benefited of this. Though this time that had not been reflected in the elections result yet, but it's even highly likely, that Americans stronger turn to new political-forces on the regional and local-level.

  • And I have to strike a blow for the election-days coverage by „Russia Today“ (RT) – to be precise of RT-Americas coverage in English language (as RT is a global & multilingual network).
    The Russian news-channel dedicated the first part of his big election-broadcast to the "Third Parties" including Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Ron Paul (former presidential-candidate for the Libertarians) and Ralph Nader (former presidential-candidate for the Greens).
    Co-host of the show and of Lindsay France was the Ex-Wrestler and Ex-Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura.

The Russian news channel has dedicated the first part of his major election broadcast the "Third Parties", including Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Ron Paul (former presidential candidate for the Libertarian) and Ralph Nader (former presidential candidate for the Green).

Co-host of the show, the Ex-Wrestler and Ex-Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura was.

Final Words

In contrast to my thoughts from 2012, this presidental-election it was not irrelevant who wins.

This in turn significantly relates to the fact, that in these primaries 2 establishment-sceptical candidates (at leas let's hope they are) were in the race for nomination almost until the very end. And 1of them not only managed to win nomination, but made it to the election-victory.

Time will show how serious Donald Trump's establishment-criticism really is and how much he is comitted to the interestets of the people (an not certain cliques inside the establishment). However to me he is definitely better than Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless I had preferred one of the third-party-candidates over Trump.

Alternative media anyway proved it's positive potential. And that's exactly why it's on top of the Establishment's hit-list. Under the narrative „Fake News“ alternative-media is intented to be curbed.

That by no means must happen and I am going to make my contribution, strengthening alternative-media and make it better known.

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