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April 30 2016 7 30 /04 /April /2016 22:55

Starsky & Hutch - 41 years after it's debut still a great seriesExactly 1 year ago, the two 70s cops Starsky & Hutch have celebrated the series 40th anniversary. And this "birthday" for me was the reason paying tribute to this ground-breaking television series with a big anniversary-article.


Interestingly, when it comes to reader's interest, my English anniversary-appreciation was a pretty big hit, while the German version unfortunately was performing only modestly. A clear indication, that these 2 unusual 1970s policemen are especially popular in anglo-saxon-countries.


The 41st anniversary however is a very good opportunity for me drawing attention on my last years blog entry as well as to the series itself once again - and of course to advertise for it.

David "Dave" Starsky and Kenneth "Ken" Hutchinson have written television history and were a prototype for the storytelling of more sophisticated and successful series of the recent past and present, above all of Navy CIS (NCIS).


2015 and 2016 (in the German-speaking countries) it was shown again by RTL-Nitro and of course I watched it once again.The big anniversary perfectyl coincided with an extended period of me non-watching Starsky and Hutch.
An I really enjoyed re-watching!
Currently the series is not running in German-language television - but probably somewhere else. And when there is an opportunity to watch it, then I warmly recommend doing so - especially to all crime-series and 70s-fans.

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