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June 13 2015 7 13 /06 /June /2015 14:40

The introduction of the new AMD R300-series graphics-cards is imminent. Telling it exactly this should happen on 16th June 2015.


After it had seemed to be clear, that there will be no all-new graphics-chips, with the exception of the new and revolutionary HBM-memory-equipped „Fury“ top-models, a little „shitstorm“ brake upon the R300 product-line: Many Users are disappointed because in their eyes the new graphics cards seem to use just "old" chips, that have simply been renamed.


So folks, I am also a hardware-fan and I am also interested what's happening there. But quite apart from the fact that there are more important things in life – for example the 2nd anniversary of the incredible revelations of Edward Snowden, for my part there are following things to say:

I believe that it's highly premature, when users and in particular also the specialised press assess the new cards, although these have not been introduced yet.

How useful is it, to form an opinion on the base of rumours or at the best on information-snippets? Shouldn't you wait until there is comprehensive information available and only evaluate then?


But I also think, that some of the media is to blame here as well: Some of them deal really messy with the terms "rebrand(ing)" and "refresh" and use both as interchangeable.

But the fact is, that only a "rebrand" applies the same chips unchanged, just given a new name.

While a "refresh" on the other hand uses the same technical-basis, which however has undergone improvement.


And there is indication that the existing chips for use in the R300-series have been slightly revised.

And there are some „screws“ AMD could tighten up:

  • A new chip-stepping, in which the chips are slightly higher clocked and more energy-efficient.

  • The use of new, more energy-efficient GDDR5 memory.

  • Possible further changes not on the graphics-chip, but at the cards underpinning.


However, I am also very curious to see what AMD actually delivers in „real world“.

A pure re-branding, I of course would also see very negative.

But if there is a slightly increased computational performance and/or a somewhat lower energy-consumption were realized, then I would consider the upcoming GPU-generation as positive.


Ah, yes, not to forget another note from me as a marketing-guy:

AMD absolutely should defuse the users-debate, because they are afraid the R300-series will be only a pure rebrand, by officially clarifying, whether this series is a „rebranding“ or a „refresh“.

And for the chip-specifications in detail, the user can easily wait a few days!

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