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December 4 2014 5 04 /12 /December /2014 19:30

AMD is in a difficult situation but also has big possibilitiesI have been dealing with AMD a couple of times in my blogs, in my German one as well as in my English one.
Up to now I mostly have put my focus on technical aspects of the US semi-conductor company.

In late November this has changed:
After around 2 months of hard work I have finished 2 big case-studies about AMD on my German-language blog:

  1. Marketing case-study about AMD 2014
  2. Case-study about Vishera-2.0 FX-CPUs

I am not going to translate these big documents into English, but I am going to translate the Abstract and the conclusions of all chapters of both documents.
It's on my schedule in late December 2014, hopefully I am able to keep it.

Right now I want to hint all German-speaking visitors on my papers.
In addition I also want to summarize the most important key-points right now:

  • AMD has been involved in a 2-front long-term static-warfare with Intel and Nvidia. As usually there is nothing to win in static-warfares you have to break out of this situation.
  • So AMD has changed it's strategy reducing it's focus on traditional PC- and server-processors and has made enormous efforts to get it's feet into new market-segments.
  • Tough this basically is the absolutely right step, AMD has overshot the target:
    The company has lost much more ground in the traditional market-segments than it has been able to gain in new areas.
  • As a result AMD should modify it's strategy and decrease efforts in new product-categories and re-increase efforts in some traditional product-lines.
  • Especially the FX-CPUs are a key product. They are the top-models in the company's line-up, are often sold directly to end-customers and to a high degree stand for the whole company's expertise
  • Also from the technical point of view the current FX-processors are not bad, but they won't remain competitive against Intel's 2015 CPUs.
  • So AMD should deeply revise them and introduce Vishera-2.0 as soon as possible.

I really hope to give a broad public but most of all AMD's management an understanding of how important these measures are.
And I also hope, that the loyal AMD fans are going to make pressure and to demand the strategy-adaptation towards more traditional products insistently.

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