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October 2 2014 5 02 /10 /October /2014 22:15

It's hard for me writing English blog-entries frequently as this language isn't my mother tongue and it takes me much more time realizing entries in solid quality than in German. But this entry is quite a compulsory one.

After having criticised AMD for supposingly not introducing revised FX processors respectively supposing, that they are going to raise the processors TDP (the power class), I have to make a statement to their new FX-CPUs, codename "Vishera" (1.0).


In late August 2014 the Californian semiconductor-company has introduced 3 new 4-module FX-processors:

  • FX-8370 – 4.0 / 4.3 GHz, 125 watt TDP
  • FX-8370E – 3.3 / 4.3 GHz, 95 watt TDP
  • FX-8320E – 3.2 / 4.0 GHz, 95 watt TDP

So the 8370's TDP stays the same as it's predecessor's 8350.

In addition 2 new, more energy-efficient 4-module CPUs with 95 watt are now available as well.


So how do I judge the new products:

  • Definitely a step in the right direction and so positive. Especially the 95-watt versions are something new to most markets and for sure something useful. Now for users more efficient CPUs with good applications performance are available.
    In general energy-efficiency has slightly increased, also for the 125 watt 8370.
    So, you could call theses CPUs Vishera 1.5.
  • On the other hand, the silicon still is exactly the same since October 2012. And because of that more improvements have not been realized. And because of this for many PC-buyers, the difference limen is too small, and they will not go for new products.
  • It's also unsatisfying, that no new 2- or 3-module processors have been introduced.
  • Nevertheless it's positive to hear news from AMDs FX-processors and to see little improvement

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I can't understand AMD for not having revised the piledriver-cores used in the current FX-CPUs.

Spending them just the same revisions as for the Richland APUs 1 ½ years ago, would slightly increase the processing-performance und significantly improve the performance per watt.


Still the current Vishera 1.0 / 1.5 processors are competitive even against Haswell Core i3 and i5 in terms of application performance and performance per Euro / Dollar. But this could change with Intel's upcoming Broadwell CPU-range.

As AMD wants to stay in midrange-CPU market-segment and also considers a comeback in high-end segment 2016, it were really important, offering improved products. On one hand to stay competitive against Intel also in 2015. But even more than that for pleasing AMDs loyal CPU-fans, who are lusting for – if not completely new, excavator-based – significantly updated products.


However: I still like AMD, especially for their APUs (I have a A8-3870K Llano myself) and still do recommend their products in my purchase guidances. My guidances up to now are only available in German language, but I plan to publish them in English as well.

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