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August 15 2014 6 15 /08 /August /2014 20:00

AMD seems to introduce no FX-CPUs in the foreseeable futureUS CPU-manufacturer AMD has something really extra-ordinary in semi-conductors business: A loyal fanbase, you can even say a base of hardcore-fans of the company.


As long as AMD processors are at least reasonable competitive to Intel, the top-dog among the CPU-manufacturers, the fans buy AMDs products.


But the company obviously doesn't value their loyal fans attitude adequately: AMD hasn't introduced any update to the Piledriver-cores of it's current Vishera FX-CPUs since October 2012, when they made their debut.

Though extending the Vishera product-range in the first half of 2013 with higher clocked and higher power-consuming models – no new stepping has been introduced.


What makes AMDs decision very opaque is the fact, that in summer 2013 the Richland-APUs, using the same Piledriver CPU-cores, have received a new stepping making them significantly more energy-efficient.

It seems to be likely, that AMD does not place value to "classical" CPUs at the moment, but on APUs for notebooks & mobile devices as well as on semi-custom chips used i.e. in Sony's "Play Station 4" and Microsoft's "Xbox One".


To the news in June 2014, that energy-waster CPUs FX-9590 and FX-9370, both with an incredible high TDP of 220 watt, are being offered with water-coolers ex-factory, according to postings in web-forums the AMD fans reception mostly was unsympathetic because not getting more energy-efficient new CPUs.

The fans, especially the fans of "classical CPUs" feel neglected if not kidded.


A positive signal is the release of the FX-8300 also as a retail-version (you can buy separately). The OEM version of this CPU has been released in December 2012.

There are also rumours for a FX-8370, a higher clocked FX-8350. Though yet no clear data is available for this processor. But as there is not a single sign of AMD make a new stepping, it's very likely, that such a processor will have a higher energy-consumption.

My guess is, that the TDP will increase from 125W (8350) to 140W (8370).


So all signs point to AMD not realizing a new stepping for it's FX-series, not making a Vishera-2.0 - although promised making enhancements to it in 2012. This were sad. Though I don't need a new processor myself right now, I totally understand every AMD fan as well as every CPU-buyer being fed up for not getting the best possible product.

Though the hardware improvements were limited to the current Visheras especially the performance-per-watt would improve appreciably. Vishera 2.0 were more competitive towards Intel products and would give AMD positive public-relations through a significant higher attention by the press.


And a FX-8450, a FX 8420 and a FX-6400, as described in detail in my blog-entry from January 2014, with slightly increased clock rates and reduced power-consumption are just appealing.


"Hope dies at last" is the translation of a famous German proverb.

AMD really should not turn it's back to traditional CPUs but should reward it's loyal fans with not even completely new but significantly updated products. Last but not least AMD would benefit itself most making this step.



Update 18th of August 2014:
Today I surprisingly have found new information to upcoming AMD Vishera FX-CPUs.
According to Hexus.net in autumn 2014 3 new FX-8xxx processors (with 8 integer-cores) are going to be introduced.
It that becomes true - it were just great :-)

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